Jamplay Review

One of the surest methods you can use to improve your guitar playing skills is by involving yourself in guitar playing lessons online. As such, you can learn how to exercise your passion from anywhere. However, without the right tools, you will be able to achieve your desired level of success within the shortest time. That is why it’s tempting to know about this user friendly guitar playing site that has been a game changer for a majority of people interested in improving their guitar playing skills.

So are you ready to improve your guitar playing skills and change your guitar playing experience forever? Well, Jamplay is a one of the best guitar playing sites you can find online. Without doubt it stands head and shoulder tall against its competitors. If you wish to learn more about Jamplay, then please read on.

Jamplay Review

If you are looking to improve your guitar playing lessons online, then Jamplay is ideal. To be honest, this site offers the best guitar playing lessons online. Aspiring guitarists now learn the basics and sharpen their skills, thanks to cutting edge technology. To help you sound like a pro guitarist, let’s look at what Jamplay has to offer.

1. Easy Lessons for Beginners

You don’t have to understand rocket science to comprehend the beginner classes. Even if you have never tries playing a guitar before, the structured and informative guitar lessons which are chronologically ordered, cover a wide range of topics which can be easily understood without much effort.

2. Advanced Lessons

Jamplay boasts of advanced guitar lessons that are geared towards making amateur guitarists exceptionally good. These lessons have also been tailor made to help you master particular guitar playing aspects.

3. Song Lessons

Jamplay offers hundreds of all time classic guitar songs that you have always wanted to learn how to play. It offers you step by step guidelines that will ensure you master each aspect of the song and when you’ve learned how to play, there is a vocal track to help you along.

4. Genre Lessons

If you love a particular genre of music, be sure you will find lessons on Jamplay to help you master it without much difficulty. Whether its rock, blues, reggae among the rest, relax.

5. Experienced Instructors

Jamplay has over 50 instructors to give you specialized help and instructions on different topics with regards to guitar playing.


– It is user friendly

– It offers both easy and advanced lessons

– It is pocket friendly when it comes to subscription.

– Easy to understand instructions can be given via webcam

– Satisfaction guarantee

Verdict: Is Jamplay Worth Giving A Try?

Well, this site is highly recommended for those aspiring to be pro guitarists and not mediocre guitarists. It has been around for a while now and has received uncountable jamplay reviews from satisfied users who have achieved the level of success they desired. If they made it, it means you can replicate the same results too.

You have nothing taking advantage of the $ 19.95 subscription fee which is refundable after the 14 day trial period if the courses don’t meet your expectations. To start transforming your guitar playing skills on the right foot, visit the site for more information.

Down memory lane: big hair bands and musicians from the past

An artist’s look is one of the factors that determine whether they become a star or just another name in the long list of people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Flowing locks are a good way to stamp your name among the stars and boy, did the 80s take this to a new level.

The trend at that time was to have hair that was so bad it looked good. The fad eventually became lovable to fans and everyone took to doing it to get the star quality. The craze about hair saw to it that all manner of insane styles were tried out by one band or the other.

So, which ones had some of the coolest or not so cool hairdos?

Read on.

twisted sister big hair picTwisted Sister

Well, since the list is in no particular order, this is as good a band to start with as any. The heavy metal band from Long Island, New York had a sound that was characterized by loud guitars and rebellious lyrics. The “We’re Not Gonna Take It” hit makers also had something else to add to their persona-crazy locks. The pretty boy glam metal band wore their hair long and curly and to go with it lots of makeup. Deer Snider’s cynical teeth-biting sneer did well to make them look wilder than the makeup passed them off to be.

boy george hair dooBoy George

Lead singer for the Grammy Award winning band Culture Club, Boy George endeared fans with more than just his soulful voice. The colorful hairdos accompanied by equally enthralling costumes were the lead singer’s signature. He loved to cross-dress and put on heavy makeup so it wouldn’t be so cynical to call him a fashion-forward queen of the 80’s. The hairstyles looked a bit goofy at times, but what would Boy George be without them. The originator of blue-eyed soul (not that there is a whole bunch of other artist behind the genre too) is also a designer, disk jockey and a photographer-talk about oozing talent.

poison big hair picturePoison

“Open up and say…Ahh!” was the name of their largely successful sophomore album with the hit single “Every Rose Has Its Thorns.” The 90’s were tough on the quintet but they chucked a few songs in their time that have become glam rock classics. Along with their sexed up metal sound, they wore some over-the-top hair dos. Almost sinking into oblivion, the band did a couple of summer tours to bring back their 80’s swing. A reality show starring lead singer Bret Michaels helped a great deal.

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bon jovi with huge hairBon Jovi

The 1984 hit single “Run Away” was the first in a long line of hits that catapulted the band to worldwide stardom. As much as they loved to let their hair down, they kept it a bit simpler compared to other bands at the time. Despite the fact that they took on every rock cliché invented, hits like “Slippery When Wet” made sure they achieved global superstardom.

guns n roses lots of hair growthGuns N’ Roses

When the band still went by the name Hollywood Roses, Tracii Guns took over as lead guitarist. The name change to Guns N’ Roses followed and soon after they went back to calling themselves L.A Guns. Apart from the numerous names they went by, there was the long straight hair and a bandana of Axel Rose. Guns was the guy responsible for making long hair and a bandana a cool rock and roll look. Slash added a hat to his signature look and rightfully complemented the bands long hair ensemble. After the release of their self-titled debut album in 1988 and an even more successful follow up project in “Cocked & loaded”, the band broke into the mainstream and gained a massive following of hardcore fans for their troubles.

flock of seagulls hair styleFlock of Seagulls

Given that Mike Score (who was among the founders of the new wave band) had a hair-dressing past, it’s no surprise that this band finds themselves in this list. He rocked a look that resembled Ewok ears and a forward sweep like that of a surfer. He solely inspired a lot of fans to try out equally horrendous but cool hair-dos. The rest of the band mates however kept it normal-well, just because they couldn’t outdo what he did with his hair, and not for the lack of trying.Indeed,the rest of the band did agree that Score was way too creative with his hair for anyone else to keep up.

Mastering and Learning to Play Lead Guitar: in One Single Jam Packed Lesson

guitar picking and hammer onsBe the Best Lead Guitarist You Can Be

After mastering and learning lead guitar you should be able to learn world-class skills that are only known to the very best lead guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

The goal for you is to learn the fundamental techniques of playing a lead guitar and then progressing further to learn playing styles and methods that will set you in the league of best, most versatile and memorable lead guitarists.

Mastering Means Learning the Fundamentals and Basics of Lead Guitar

After mastering and learning lead guitar you should not only have learned how to play the lead guitar but you will also comprehend the reasons for playing and why certain licks sound so good in a musical sense. Keep in mind that learning how to play the lead guitar takes time because you will basics of guitarneed to learn new techniques as well as concepts that are going to challenge your skills and abilities.

So, don’t let yourself get frustrated if you don’t pick up things immediately as with time you will get the hang of things. Mastering and learning lead guitar is both an art as well as a continuing skill that can be learned and honed through patient and dedicated effort.

How to Play Great Lead Guitar

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is learn the Pentatonic scale.

Anyone who wants to play the lead guitar knows that the key to success lies in understanding the Pentatonic scale. In fact the Pentatonic minor scale is a scale that is especially difficult and hard to learn. Once you have learned this scale you should then practice playing it forwards as well as backwards and while doing this you should alternate between the up as well as down strokes. Do this about four thousand times a day or until your fingers give up on you. While doing this you also need to ensure that you change the keys by playing the same pattern on different frets. Secondly, you also need to have an identical number of frets between your fingers regardless of where you started. This means that though the positions change the pattern remain the same.

2. Another trick to mastering and learning lead guitar is that you must learn to use your first finger as well as your third finger. If you have trouble learning this then you can start by using your first finger and your fourth finger and then when you are comfortable with this you can try using the first and third fingers. If you want to spice things up then you have to learn 7 basic things including bending strings, skipping strings, hammer-ons and pull offs as well as vibrato and chromaticism.

3. A good song with lead guitar should sound crazy. Even if you only play three notes you can make them sound like real rock music. Do not overplay, which means playing too many notes as that will make you sound like an obnoxious guitarist. Also, familiarize yourself with playing lead guitar slowly. Keep in mind that it is not what you are playing that is important; rather it is how you play the guitar.

Read up on the latest Jamplay online guitar lesson reviews

4. A good song with lead guitar is one that cranks up the Mids. You can tell that your lead guitar sounds good when you can hear the guitar clearly in the mix without turning up the volume too much. You can also make a good song with lead guitar by using heavier gauge of strings. They may be slightly harder to play but they also make excellent sounds.

5. Also, keep in mind that tone is in your fingers and your hands. So, don’t hold the pick too tightly as that will produce harsh loud sounds that do not have any subtlety. Holding the pick too loosely on the other hand results in weak sounds. To get the right tone and to ensure easier playability you should hold your pick in a manner that ensures that the pick cannot be plucked out of your fingers with your free hand.

Also, a delicate almost scraping of the pick against the string can produce a great tone for producing multiple short notes in succession like 16th notes and triplets.

A Final Word on Learning Lead Guitar

Keep in mind that anyone can learn to master and learn the lead guitar. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it takes time to master the techniques and concepts and so you must be patient and dedicated. Remember also that the more you put into learning the art of playing the lead guitar the more you will get out of it. Your goal should be to learn the techniques and then use them effortlessly. Once you have mastered the techniques and concepts you will attain a very high level of competence.